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Have you considered shop at home services for your flooring needs?

We know that many homeowners have busy lives that often make it impossible to truly shop for their new floor coverings during normal business hours. Because of this specific community need, we offer a shop at home service option that we hope will make it easier for you to choose a perfect new flooring for your home.

When it comes to shopping for flooring, there are a lot of steps involved. Many of those steps hinge on your very specific needs and preferences for flooring that works in your home, so you deserve a stress-free shopping experience that offers no time-constraints.

Shop at home service is perfect for many homeowners

If you work a third-shift job, work from home, or have small children, it’s not always feasible to pile into the car and venture out to your local flooring retailer. That’s why we provide a shop at home business aspect that allows you extensive freedom for your shopping experience.

When you shop from home, you can do so at three in the morning or at any other time of day. You won't have salespeople looking over your shoulder, and you won’t feel pressured to “make your decision” within a certain timeframe.
This can be a very important part of the shopping experience for some, and for many, the most important feature.It gives you the ability to shop, shop, and then shop some more while going back and forth –as many times as you want –without feeling like you're wasting a salesperson's time.

Once you’ve selected the perfect material, the perfect options, the perfect color or pattern, and the perfect amount, you can move on to speaking with an associate in person that will help set up the final step. A perfect installation.
Shop At Home in Wichita, KS area from Designers Home Gallery

Our shop at home service is well worth it

Designers Home Gallery offers a complimentary shop at home experience right from our website, allowing you plenty of time to browse for the perfect materials for your flooring project. Shop the extensive varieties in materials, appearance options, extras, and more, to make sure your flooring will be perfect.

From our Wichita, KS showroom, we’re proud to serve the areas of Wichita, Derby, Andover, Maize, and Eastborough, and we’d be thrilled with the opportunity to serve you too. If you’ve shopped from home and picked a perfect material, stop by and speak to a flooring associate about scheduling a perfect installation to finish your experience.